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Omid Wisdom, one of the pioneering Gambian afro/world music acts with his roots in hip hop music has recently signed a trienium record contract with the biggest record label in this hometown of the Gambia.
Joluv Arts known for signing and contributing immensely to the careers of music acts like Jalimadi, Bai Babu, Manding Morry, Cess Ngum, Abu and Fafa just to name a few has added to it’s new line up of artistes: City Stars, Dave Ndow , Madsnake , Elite Movement  and now the charismatic  Omid Wisdom – artiste, producer, beatboxer and poet. The deal was cemented by music mogul Saul Sowe who began his career as a dj in the UK about three decades ago and now owns the record label Joluv Arts as well as media powerhouse Capital Fm among many other entertainment subdivisions. Saul Sowe has worked with an extensive list of veterans and currently buzzing musicians from all around the world.
The deal wil focus on the producing, recording and release of music and audio visual material by Wisdom. The lobbying of shows, gigs, deals at home and abroad as well as an album releases just to scratch the surface. The deal also cements Wisdom as the senior or consultant of Joluv Arts due to his well renowned writing and pr skills.  Wisdom will be part of a team that will administer the branding and new direction of Joluv Arts image and activities which is focused on self reliance as the label owns it’s own studio, outdoor show sound system, media house, visual production house and more.
An official press release is yet to be made available to the public but our sources has it that the CEO of Joluv Arts welcomed Wisdom via a post on the  popular platform Facebook. The signing goes into full effect after the muslim feast of Ramadan which is just around the corner.
This new signing terminates Wisdom’s signing with UK based boxing organisation’s music division Alpha Male. Prior to that Wisdom was signed to Sunland Music spearheaded by Akon’s Mama Africa producer Hakim Samadh. Wisdom is presently also signed to 535 music Netherlands as his marketing  management house. Wisdom is the only Gambian artiste to have been featured on the giant music platform MTV twice.
In his own words Wisdom expressed a positive approach towards this new agreement and encourages the fans to expect new material and surprises from him.
Wishing him all the best with his new journey with Joluv Arts.

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