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Entertainment: Oboy Optimistic Of Successful Maiden Album Launch



By: Landing Ceesay

Omar Conteh commonly known as ‘Oboy’ said he is optimistic of success ahead of his maiden official album launch with Gambian Child called “Jutunaya” which translates as despise.

“Throughout my life people have been despising me- from my childhood days, the time I started dancing, the time I started acting drama and even now as an artiste, people are despising me. But on April 9, that despising will be a thing of the past.”

The star musician considered despising others as a general problem in the country.

“Belittling people is a problem in the Gambia, even the society I grew up in, I have been despised. But this year, April 9, will be a thing of the past,” Oboy stated.

The popular Afro-Manding singer said his album lunch will be unique in the country.

He said Gambian should expect an excellent performance from him and Gambian Child.

“We are not just coming to play and leave the stage. No, the way we do our things is totally different from others so people should expect great performance from us.”

“What you see in our videos is the same thing you’re going to see on the day of our [album] launch because we always do our things in a different way and style,” Oboy told Journalists.

Oboy said he expects Qcity, the venue of the event to be full up to its capacity.


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