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“We made Barrow president”


Ousainou Darboe told Kerr Fatou his party has been expelled from the coalition government after their sacking.

The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainou Darboe

The leader of the United Democratic Party has responded to critics who blamed his party’s leadership for being disloyal to President Adama Barrow who is credited for freeing them from jail.

Critics said the UDP leadership was being dishonest to the person who freed them from jail.

When President Barrow ascended to power, Darboe and a greater chunk of the UDP leadership were serving a three-year jail term for protesting without a permit.

On April 16, Darboe led a protest asking for the body of Solo Sandeng “dead or alive”. Sandeng was arrested on April 14 for protesting for proper electoral reform ahead of December 2016 election that brought Barrow to power and he died in state custody on April 15.

However, Darboe said Barrow campaigned using their names, adding that they made him who he became. “So we liberated ourselves from jail because he campaigned using our names,” said Darboe on Sunday.

Darboe was sacked alongside three UDP cabinet members by the Gambian leader. He said they fell out with Barrow because they would not support his agenda to contest for presidency beyond 2021.

Darboe said he had already packed his belongings expecting his sacking. He said after their December party congress, it had become clear to them that they would be sacked.

Darboe said Barrow could have gotten what he wanted if he had done things the right way.

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