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As candidates for mayoral and area council elections heads to the Independent Electoral Commission for nomination, the United Democratic Party leader, Ousainou Darboe, has issued a statement urging people to vote for their candidates.

“Together with the UDP, you can make local government work to fight poverty, provide free basic services, build our communities into democratic and progressive areas, and create a better life for all,” Darboe said in a statement on Monday.

 The UDP was the main opposition party under Yahya Jammeh but has emerged as the biggest party following the fall from grace of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction party in December 2016.

The party won 32 of the 53 parliamentary seats and 62 of the 120 councilor seats thus demonstrating power over others.

The party’s long-term leader, who was serving a 3-year jail term at the time of the past presidential elections, said their party has “worked hard to change the image of the central government through our Ministers in the Coalition Government, as result the Gambia is gradually regaining its rightful position in the international community”.

“I pledge to you that a UDP Local Government will serve the interests of all our people, in cities, towns and villages. Some changes have happened, but much more needs to be done,” Darboe said.

“UDP Councilors must and will serve the people. They will be dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives. If UDP Councilors do not work in the interest of the people, the UDP will deal with them. Every UDP Councilor will sign a pledge that they will report to the people and listen to them.”


By Mustapha K Darboe

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