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Voice Of Tyranny, Time To Stop Adama Barrow

Madi Jobarteh
Human Rights Activist

pIt is not only ignorant but equally arrogant for a sitting President to claim that there is a time when politics should end. It is even more unconstitutional for such a president to threaten citizens by saying he will order the IGP to refuse permits to citizens to exercise their right to freedom of assembly.

The right to freedom of assembly is a fundamental human right that is entrenched in the Constitution. No person or authority can take away that right except the people themselves in a referendum. Hence for President Barrow to threaten citizens that he will seize this fundamental right clearly indicates his dictatorial tendencies.

I call on all citizens to stand up to stop the Barrow Tyranny from blossoming in our land. We must not allow another tinpot dictator to emerge in this country. By his remarks in this video, Barow has finally and unambiguously and forcefully told us that he is a tinpot dictator waiting to explode!

Politics is the process through which citizens manage the affairs of their society. It is through politics that Bartow was elected. It is trough politics that Barrow conducts his meetings at State House and holds press conferences and tours the country. Barrow has uncountable associations and media platforms that are engaging with communities and spreading unpleasant and insulting messages against his opponents, daily.

Yet Barrow has not stopped these activities but he has the audacity to tell citizens to stop politics. What does Barrow think he is? We govern and develop this country through politics. Hence politics is the life of a human being and society. To tell a human being to stop politics is like taking a fish out of water! Resist.

I urge all citizens and more so the political parties, CSOs, and the National Assembly to scold Barrow until he chokes to swallow back those despicable, undemocratic, unconstitutional remarks that he utterred in Jeshwang!

Let the IGP Abdoulie Sanyang be on notice that as IGP he is under no obligation to serve the personal political objectives of any president. If he does so, he will be violating his obligations to uphold the Constitution. In that case, none but him alone shall pay the price.

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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