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UDP Youth Wing Expresses Disappointment Over President’s Remarks

Kemo Bojang, Secretary General UDP Youth Wing.

By Buba Gagigo

The Youth Wing of the United Democratic Party (UDP) expressed disappointment at president Adama Barrow’s remarks made at Statehouse yesterday when he met the Muslim elders on the occasion of Eid-il-Fitr.

In a statement released to the press, the youth wing expressed its disappointment at the tone of the President’s message.

“As it marks the end of our fasting season, it is a time for people to foster and mend relationships and pray to Allah for blessings. This being the case, we are disappointed in remarks uttered by the head of state during his meeting with the Banjul Muslim elders, at the statehouse yesterday. We would have expected that the president would have used this platform as a means of uniting the nation and calling for brotherhood and peace after he had played a great role in dividing Gambians through his ways of politics”

The statement continues;

“It is no secret to anyone within The Gambian civil society space and the general public that Madi Jobarteh is an Honorable citizen who has played his part in national development, especially through activism and keeping governments accountable”

The statement took umbrage at the president singling out Mr. Jobarteh. They called the President’s labeling of Madi as a national security threat and wanting to burn the country down false and misleading.

“Ironically, the recent actions of the head of state and his utterances have been what one would consider dangerous and chaotic. From defending corruption within his government and imposing Fabakary Tombong Jatta and Seedy Njie as speaker and deputy, we do not think anything comes close to national threats as these two in recent times.”

“We want to urge Mr. Jobarteh that we at the UDP appreciate and acknowledge his stands on good governance and democracy, no government can be functional without the presence of a robust civil society, we urge him to carry on and we will stand by him” the statement continues”

The UDP youth Wing also urged the president to be measured in his

“he is the head of state of our beloved nation and we expect him to act like one, threatening the lives and liberties of citizens is not presidential as he should be the chief protector of all citizens.

“We hope he focuses more on mending and fixing our country than private citizens expressing their opinions. As our people face the toughest food insecurity and inflation, fuel increments, sovereign insecurities, and the highest unemployment rates this country has ever faced, we hope Mr president will redirect his energy into more meaningful engagements”

In a meeting with the Muslim elders at Statehouse on Monday, president Adama Barrow accused human rights activist Madi Jobarteh of trying to set the country ablaze.

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