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The UDP Youth President Has Alleged That The Deputy Speaker’s Award Was Lobbied For

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Haji Suwaneh, National Youth President of the UDP

By Buba Gagigo

Haji Suwaneh, National Youth President of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has accused Fabakary Tombong Jatta and others of using the African Leadership Organisation (ALO) to promote Seedy Njie for the NPP flag bearer position.

“Gambians should understand that Fabakary Tombong Jatta and others lobbied their agenda through the African Leadership Organisation (ALO) to promote Seedy Njie for the NPP flag bearer position. Such partisan moves must not be published on the official page of the highest office in the land and the Honourable House shouldn’t be used as a prop either,” he said.

He said that the award for best lawmaker, which he referred to as “so-called,” was not based on Seedy Njie’s performance in Parliament.

“ALO or whoever nominated Seedy Njie for this award cannot reference any positive contribution Mr. Njie made in the National Assembly that would warrant this award.  This is a mere public relations (PR) stunt for Seedy Njie and his friends in the battle for NPP’s top position. Take it or leave it, but that is the reality behind this sham,” he said.

The UDP National Youth President said that describing Seedy Njie as a democrat is the biggest moral deficiency he has ever come across.

“The Seedy Njie we know was a staunch supporter of former president Jammeh. He was also a member of the Parliament that adopted numerous draconian laws to suppress the Gambian people. Out of 58 elected and nominated National Assembly Members, why was Seedy SK Njie the one that was awarded the “Best Lawmaker of the Year distinction? Really? What a shame! What a lack of respect for the Gambian people! Seedy SK Njie is a dishonour to the Honourable House.”

Mr. Suwaneh stated that President Barrow’s act of honouring Seedy SK Njie and publishing it on The Gambia’s State House Facebook page was not only provocative, but also an insult to the entire struggle of the Gambian people against a dictatorship.

“Or is this a case of mistaken identity? Are we talking of the Seedy SK Njie who resigned as nominated member purposely to be appointed as Jammeh’s Communication Minister and Spokesman in 2016? Is it the same Seedy Njie who rejected the legitimate will of the Gambian people in 2017? The man whose rudeness and arrogance towards the then president-elect, Adama Barrow, was all over the world and resulted in the then president-elect fleeing to neighbouring countries to seek refuge.  

“Was it the same Seedy SK Njie whose desire to defend a dictator culminated in thousands of Gambians and non-Gambians fleeing the country to save their lives?  The Seedy SK Njie whose violent approach and rude statements in the media caused thousands to vacate their homes and caused loss of valuable belongings and lives. Is that the man who is honoured today by the very person (President Barrow) in whose defence over a million citizens suffered and went through all sorts of torments and nightmares, particularly during the impasse,” he conclude

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