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Thank You Message From Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda

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Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Mayor Of Kanifing Municipal Council

To all those who voted and those who supported in their own ways during yesterday’s council’s elections, i extend my sincere appreciation for the vote of confidence in making this win possible

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the trust that you have placed in the elected representatives as we continue to move forward in a manner that allows KMC an opportunity for continued growth and greater developments.

Congratulations to the elected council members and thank you for the willingness to serve and what you are about to undertake.

This Election results are clearly demonstrating an increase of the Udp numbers: from 12 councillors out of 19 to 15 councillors + 1 under review out of 19

As your mayor, I consider this result to be a clear vote of confidence in our services and development plans for the people and the communities. We are thankful and will not relent in pushing for more development. The future is very bright.

Yesterday’s election sets a very strong foundation for a UDP Mayor in The upcoming Mayoral election set for May 20th- —with these newly elected councillors, I am looking forward to continuing to serve and deliver more positive progress and working together for a brighter future with projects that will impact you and the generations to come.

It is important to remind everyone about general Powers of councils stated in Section 48 of the local Government act—- council is the body that has executive powers—-Councillors are mandated to exercise all political and executive functions as well as sound basis community development projects and ensure the development and implementation of government’s programs –
it is not the Mayor but the councils that holds that power — the Mayor’s strength and ability to deliver therefore depends strongly on its councillors.
With this elected team of councillors from my party, I am the Mayor that you need to continue enforcing and delivering on the development agenda for you and the communities.
With the help and guidance of the almighty, I am ready and more determined than ever to deliver an unprecedented level of development. The plans are already elaborated and ready to roll. It is time to go bigger and all out, I AM READY.

Power belongs to the people— I am proud to see the people of KM have decided to choose progress prosperity and development over anything else. Once again you have shown that we share common aspirations and we can come together for the common good regardless of any differences. Please have the courage to resist the pressure to make decisions because of “special interests”

I guarantee you that under my leadership, KM will be the Municipality that will set the national standard for more collaboration, more cooperation and greater developments —
A model we will all be proud of locally, Nationally, and beyond.
Once again

Thank you, alabaraka bakeh, Malagen jerengejeff,
ong jarama, una tanki Nuwari barang mak.

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