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Teachers to resume sit-down strike in September

Gambia's basic education minister Claudiana Cole

Essa Sowe, the deputy general secretary of the Gambia Teachers Union, said he has met the teachers on Wednesday and their differences were resolved.


Gambia’s basic education minister Claudiana Cole

A tash force of teachers who have organised a sit-down few months ago are threatening to down the tools if the government ‘continue to ignore their demands’.

The teachers said in a statement on Sunday that their several months on engagement with authorities has come to a disappointing end.

“…For the love of our profession and the Gambia at large, the task force urges all its loyal members to patiently continue duties at school untill the third term ends,” a press release which was signed by Babucarr Janko stated.

“After several months of consulting authorities for a better living conditions of teachers that yielded disappointment the task force deem it necessary to conditionally call on the attention of the authorities.”

The teachers said they are disappointed that the government “increased allowances (transport) for a section (urban) of professionals of the same profession and not considered the other section ( rural) as well and there is no plans of even considering the other section by government in this fiscal year.

“We urge the government to pay the allowance with drawbacks. Portion is segregated.”

The teachers said their resolutions with Basic and Secondary Education Ministry and Gambia Teachers Union has expired and not resolved.

“With the above highlights, the task force and the schools commitee are calling on all their loyal members to observe an indefinite sit down strike come **SEPTEMBER*if schools opens first term until the highlighted issues are met by the government and concern authorities then we can go back to the classroom and continue our duty as teachers,” the teachers added.

Meanwhile, Essa Sowe, the deputy general secretary of the GambianTeachers Union, said he has met the teachers on Wednesday and their differences were resolved.

“We had a meeting on Wednesday and we were given the impression that the differences were resolved,” Sowe told Kerr Fatou.

“I have received text messages from some members of their executive dissassociating themselves from the press release”.

Sowe said they have not been copied the press release.

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