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President Claims Existence Of Bad Politics In Gambia; Urges Citizens To Shun It



President Barrow claimed the existence of a bad trend of politics in the country and urged Gambians fight against.

“I have observed something that every Gambian should be careful of. I saw a trend of politics that every Gambian should be careful of, which we have never seen in the 22 years of APRC and 30 years of Jawara. It’s a type of politics that every Gambia should fight against. A few people going round profiling people, telling people you’re a citizen, you’re not a citizen, you’re a foreigner, you’re from Senegal, Casamance, Guinea. They said myself, my surname is Barry and I am from Guinea.

“It’s a bad trend of politics. A
trend of politics which has the potential to erupt violence in this country is bad,” he said.

Barrow without specifying alleged that a particular group has organised ‘thugs’ who put on black uniform to attack people.

“You’re yet to be in government, you organised thugs, they put on black uniform and go to attack people. They seize people’s documents from them on queues (for voter registration) telling them you are not Gambians. What type of persons are they? If such people take this country, Billahi until the world ends you will never forget what they will do to you,” he alleged.

The President specifically hit at the leadership of the United Democratic Party.

“If anything happens, my elder [Darboe] calls a press conference saying ‘I will not accept this, I will not accept that’. Why were you not doing those press conferences yesterday [during Jammeh’s time]? For 25 years the press conferences he never did is what he is doing in a year. He just finished doing a press conference. You intimidating people and you’re not a president yet. If such a person become president, you will see what he will do to us,” Barrow said of his former Vice President.

The President said these remarks at a meeting with local government authorities at State House including Chief, alkalos, the governor, Chairman of West Coast Region and Minister of local government.

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