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Opinion: Nothing In That Audio Is Worthy Of Being Arrested

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Alagie Barrow, Former Director Of Research & Investigations TRRC – Gambia. 

By Alagi Barrow

I listened to Momodou Sabally’s campaign talk twice and if it’s true that his arrest is only because of that audio, it is the height of abuse! Nothing in that audio is worthy of being arrested for. That his UDP will take over the country is nothing but “political talk.” That he is arrested for such shows how jittery the authorities are. It does not tell well on the government at all.

I have heard others say worse and no one arrested them for it. Using the government’s monopoly on violence to abuse citizens must not be condoned! It needs to stop! It’s just not right at all. It’s the same as what happened to Madi Jobarteh and Dr Ceesay.

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