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NPP Denies Buying Votes In Banjul

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Lamin Queen Jammeh, NPP Spokesperson

By Buba Gagigo

In a press release dated 12th April, 2023, the National People’s Party (NPP) has described allegations of vote buying in Banjul as false and baseless.

“It has to come to our attention that a false and baseless allegation is making social media rounds that our chairman in Jollof town ward is going around buying voters’ cards in the city. Apparently this ridiculous and laughable joke is being peddled by frantic and hysteric anti-NPP elements in Banjul, who know well  that their candidates may not even get their deposits in the fast approaching local government elections. In the face of the massive and thunderous NPP Campaign in the city, they are jittery and restless and wouldn’t stop at nothing to throw a pebble in the highly anticipated calm waters of a very peaceful elections,” the party said.

The NPP National Executive Committee said they are aware that one of their party supporters in Banjul was called to a police station to shed light on the matter. 

“NPP takes great pride in it’s highly esteemed and well respected national and international image and reputation as a very peaceful and strictly law abiding party. The party has enormous respect for the Independent Electoral Commission, and will always respect the laid down rules and regulations of the Commission,” they said.

NPP said they will always play by the book, and will always seek the best way to cooperate with all progressive political parties and similar minded institutions in solidifying the well established democratic base of Gambian politics.  

“Our party was given an overwhelming mandate by the Gambian people to govern the country for the next five years and we value and cherish this honour and privilege with gratitude and great humility,” NPP said.

The National People’s Party said the idea that opposition parties are pointing fingers at Members of the ‘mighty’ NPP for vote buying and clandestine activities in Banjul is to say the least preposterous and totally out of sync with reality. 

“How can anyone who has an inkling of the terrain of Gambian politics this year, the high level of party discipline in general in NPP, and the sheer force of confidence of it’s campaign in Banjul, believe such a far fetched and hilarious hocus-pocus? NPP the progressive people’s movement is appealing to all its militants, members and supporters to come together, close ranks tighter than ever, and come out in our usual thousands on poling day, and vote massively for our gallant Councillors, Chairmen and Mayors, all over the country, and with the weight of your marble, restore peace, sanity, progress and development in our local government authorities, as richly deserved by the peace loving people of the Gambia,” they concluded.

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