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MP Ceesay Suggests General Salary Scale Restructuring Than 30% Increment

Honourable Lamin Ceesay
The Member of Parliament for Kiang West
(Photo: Parliament)

Member of Parliament, Honourable Lamin Ceesay suggested a general salary scale restructuring instead of the proposed 30% salary increment at this time of the year.

“Since we are in the half way of the fiscal year, it will be better for the Finance Minister to do a general salary scale restructuring. With that, we can give room for an observation where those earning low and higher income salaries can be given a certain percentage, which will really help them,” he said.

 He said when it comes to the existing pay scale; the increment of 30% would create “a huge gap” between the low and high-income earners.

“I did a little mathematics to highlight some of the differences. One of them are the low income earners with a monthly take-home of D2500 who are going to have an increment of only D750 as per the 30% increment; which cannot even buy them bag of rice, while the ones who are having a monthly take-home of D3000 would have only D900 increment, which I think needs to be looked at,” he suggested.

The Member of Parliament for Kiang West urged a general review of the salary scale to give the civil servants a better percentage that could help them at the end of the month, instead of the proposed 30% increment.

The Honourable member made these remarks in his intervention during the first extraordinary session of the Sixth legislature of the National Assembly while debating on the appropriation (amendment) Bill 2022 by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs on Thursday.

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