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MP Gibba Asks Gov’t To Apologise To Civil Servants

Honourable Almameh Gibbia 
Parliament for Foni Kansala
(Photo: Parliament)

By Ramatoulie Jawo

Honourable Almameh Gibbia, Member of Parliament for Foni Kansala has asked the government to apologise to civil servants for not fulfilling its promise to them.

He said the information that was published in the media was an introduction of a new pay scale to change the lives and livelihoods of civil servants, but not a 30% salary increment.

“Nobody is against the increment of 30%. But we have to be realistic because what the government promised was to change the pay scale of the civil servants. That what was published all over in the media, not increment.

“This is a total segregation and a total dishonesty on the lives and livelihoods of all the civil servants. So the government should apologise for not acting on the message that was going on all over social media that a new pay scale will be made for civil servants. But now it’s a 30% increment,” he stressed.

He said the government should bridge the gap with more robust or a better structured pay scale to make the lives and livelihoods of the civil servants better.

Gibba told his colleagues to be aware that whatever agreement or disagreement they have over the revised budget civil servants out there are still yet to receive their salaries.

“Our people are out there and their salaries are not yet paid because they are waiting for a day of approval like this. So we should be honest with them,” he said.

The Honourable Member of Parliament for Foni Kansala made these remarks on Thursday at the First Extraordinary session of the Sixth legislature.

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