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MKAC Chairman Says He Will Not Seek A Third Term 

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Landing B Sanneh, Chairman of Mansankonko Area Council and the President of GALGA

By Fatou Sillah 

Hon. Landing B. Sanneh, the Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) and President of the Gambia Association of Local Government Authorities (GALGA) announced in an interview with Kerr Fatou that he will not be contesting for a third term as President of GALGA or Chairman of MKAC.

“By way of my beliefs and concepts, my background is Democracy. I came from the United Democratic Party (UDP),  and one very good principle of democracy is to respect the rule of law. But also to respect the authority that keeps you in office. We are going to Congress on the 20th of this month (July), I have no intention to run as the president of GALGA.  

“You will agree with me that I just finished my first term, and the first term by law says two years renewable. The two-year term of office is renewable for another two years. But there is no indication that it is limited to four years,” He said.  

The GALGA President, although eligible to run for re-election under the association’s rules, has stated that he will not do so.

“When you run on two occasions, you have to go. It is still open just like what we have in our constitution. But is my own principle. I do not love to go beyond those two terms and I have served for four years. Even though we did not go to Congress after the first two years because of Covid and other associated factors. I have run the office for four years.  

“So there is no sense to continue for another term. So even if we had gone for congress the first two years and I am re-elected, I would not have gone beyond this, and that is my principle. I would only serve two terms of every elected position,” He said.

Chairman Sanneh told Kerr Fatou that the position for GALGA Presidency is open and everybody can contest.  

“The position is going to be open because the incumbent is not contesting. So you can expect many people to come. I will not campaign for anybody based on principles. Because I don’t want to be biased but I will vote for my choice. Because I have a voting right,” He stated.

Chairman Sqnneh also announced during the interview that he will not seek a third term as the Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) Chairman after his second term ends in 2028.

“I am not going for another term as the Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) that is my principle and I am so deliberate about it.  Because we believe we are the young leaders of Africa, and we cannot just talk about principles, we cannot just talk about rule of law, and all those things without practicing it,” He said.  

The chairman also advises President Adama Barrow not to run for a third term.

Chairman Sanneh’s full interview will be aired soon.

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