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Mayor Lowe To Meet With President Barrow Today To Discuss New Housing Project

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Rohey Malick Lowe, Mayor of Banjul

By Buba Gagigo

Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe has confirmed that she will meet with President Adama Barrow on Tuesday to discuss her housing project and the development of Banjul.

“So, for me, I will advocate for peace in these last five years. What I want is to have a legacy and I want him indeed to support me to have this legacy and my legacy is his legacy as well. He would have a share if I happened to fail in these five years, and if I succeed, he will have a share. I will extend this message to him if we meet. We are going to meet on Tuesday and meeting him is all going to be about Banjul and the development of Banjul,” Mayor Lowe said.

Mayor Lowe also expressed her gratitude to the president for his support during her first term campaign and her campaign for the Rafaela presidency.

“I have an appointment with the president on Tuesday. The first five years are finished, and we have all learned from our mistakes, and we all understand our stands. Life after politics is very important. My father was a politician, but I always used to see him mingling with his colleagues after politics. I don’t pray to lose colleagues because of politics. He is not only a brother, but also a comrade as well. Remember we came from the same party, and he supported me during my first term and I have to be very fair with him even though we are not from the same party. 

“I remember when Alkali Conteh called me when I was in Saudi Arabia for Ummrah. Alkali told me your brother said you come back; he is going to support you. To be frank, he has never given me money, but he supported me. I don’t want to be totally ungrateful. And he also supported me during the Rafaela presidential campaign. It is like we are not in the same party, but he didn’t do anything to me. Of course, he wanted my seat, but the people said no to it. Even brothers can be in the same compound and belong to different political parties,” Mayor Lowe said.

Mayor Lowe said that the Gambia can expect to benefit from Rafela in addition to the housing project, the drilling of about six boreholes across the country in the next four to five years.

“One is in Kerr Bamba, one in Nianija, one in Jarra Sukuta, one in Sutukung, one is I think around Foni, but I can’t remember the name of the village. The Niumi Market in Albert Market is also part of the Rafaela projects and the women lead cities that is already on going, the youth volunteerism. Apart from that, we are working towards having over one thousand housing and this is something I will discuss with the president. It means we have three big projects, that’s the Youth Volunteerism, Housing Project and the women lead project. The women lead project we will have again over twenty boreholes that we are going to build. These are big projects,” she said.

Rohey Malick Lowe is the Mayor of Banjul City Council (BCC) and also the president of Rafaela Africa.

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