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Letter of appreciation


Reference to the above, Comfort Quality Services would like to wholeheartedly thank the Government of the Gambia for awarding the Aluminium number plates and Barcode Database printing contract to a Gambian owned Company after following a rigorous and transparent procurement process as required under the laws of the country.

This reiterates the Governments desire and commitment in strengthening Public Private Partnership and empowering the private sector as an engine of growth in its effort for national development. The awarding of such prestigious contract to Comfort Quality Services, a well renowned Gambian company will breed confidence into the private sector and other potential Gambian investors, that support from the government is readily available to all businesses who demonstrate seriousness and capacity, particularly indigenously owned companies.

At Comfort Quality Services, in partnership with the Gambia Police Force and Ministry of Interior in a B.O.T (Build, Operate and Transfer) agreement, Comfort Quality Services
developed an Electronic Vehicle Management System (E.V.M.S) that is an expandable vehicle registration management and number plate production system designed to achieve the

  • Capture essential bank details required to initiate transaction between a vehicle owner and the
    • Capture essential vehicle details, as well as vehicle owner and transacting agent details;
    • Multi-layer data input, authentication and verification, as well as approval for smooth work flow from
    transaction initiation to number plate and certificate of ownership printing;
    • Database search capabilities;
    • Initiate systematic checks and balances to greatly minimize human error and deliberately system
    • Greatly minimize possibility of subverting or by-passing essential processes and protocols;
    • Automate number plate production;
    • Log all activities within the software operating environment;
    • Print on-demand reports;
    • Manage essential business accounting processes;
    • Provide Quick Response information at your fingertips to Police Officers;
    • Making sure transfer of ownerships are accurately recorded and documented;

Our system also caters for a Q.R (Quick Response) system, that every vehicle roadworthy in the Gambia will have a Q.R (Quick Response) sticker on their widescreen that will be loaded with vehicle and owner information, that when scanned will reveal the information of the vehicle instantly on a hand held mobile device given to traffic officers.

This will ensure routine traffic checks can be carried out effectively by the police in their efforts to tackle vehicle theft and other vehicle related crimes and incidents. This will also ensure number plates cannot be transferred from one vehicle to the other

The Gambia Revenue Authority will also benefit from our Electronic Vehicle Management System (E.V.M.S) by using the information (owner and vehicle details) stored to accurately
trace the revenue generated from Road Tax (vehicle & motorcycle) and have all registered vehicles in The Gambia on a secure database.

At Comfort Quality Services, customer satisfaction is our main priority. The service we provide is quick and efficient, and once a payment is made at the bank, upon arrival at our office in Kairaba Police Station with the required documents, your number plate will be printed and issued within minutes.

Our Aluminium number plates are of high quality I.S.O (International Organization for Standardization) standards, which are durable and with 75% visibility in the dark compared to the previous number plates which has only 25% visibility at night.

Comfort Quality Services renovated and fitted offices provided for vehicle registration at Banjul G.P.F Headquarters, Kairaba Police Station, and Brikama Police Station with brand new office furniture (executive chairs and desks), new air conditioning units, brand new state of the art computers, new doors and windows and all three (3) offices fitted with Close Circuit Television (CCTV), power inverters and 12kva Generator at Kairaba Police station.

With our joints efforts with Gambia Police Force, we aim to ensure safer roads and eradicate reckless driving incidents by perpetrators with this Electronic Vehicle Management System (E.V.M.S) in place for accurate owner identification and vehicle details, thus provide a safe and conducive environment for road users and pedestrians.

We would like to take this opportunity again to express our profound gratitude to the Gambia Government and partners involved in this project for their continuous support for Comfort Quality Services. The revenue generated from this project is paid directly into a dedicated bank account that is controlled by the Finance Ministry and monitored by the Central Bank of The Gambia on a (share basis). This multi-million Dalasis project is one of the ways Comfort Quality Services is contributing its quota in the National Development Plan having fully funded this project.

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