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PEC Adopts Financial, Activity Reports Of GIA

Lamin Cham
GIA Managing Director 

By Ramatoulie Jawo

The Public Enterprise Committee (PEC) of the National Assembly on Thursday considered and adopted the activity and financial report of the Gambia International Airlines (GIA).

While presiding over the proceedings, Chairperson of PEC Lamin J Sanneh reminded the board and management of GIA the oversight functions of the National Assembly, particularly PEC, in trying to diagnose institutions’ challenges, strengths and lapses to promote effective and efficient public enterprise service delivery.

During the consideration stage, Sanneh enjoined his fellow members to raise their concerns with the management and board of GIA regarding their report. 

In so doing, Lamin Ceesay, member for Kiang West sought an explanation from the GIA about the Hajj funds which should not be spent by the institution as they do not have the right to touch the funds.

In response, GIA Managing Director Lamin Cham, said reason they spent the funds is in the interest of the Gambian people because they spent those monies during the Covid-19 when business was not working and they had over four hundred staff.

“So if we don’t use that funds, staff may likely lose their job at that time,” he explained.

Ceesay urged the GIA management to follow procurement proceedings to avoid mismanagement of funds.

Commenting on the expensive clothes and mobile phones given to the board of directors which was captured by the auditors, Chairperson Sanneh said those are things that need to be look into and asked the management to supply them with all the copies of the letters by 5th September.

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