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Leaked Audio: Seedy Njie Says Lamin Cham Told Him PPP, NCP, and GPDP Are Dead Parties

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Seedy Njie, Deputy Spokesperson, NPP and Lamin Cham Campaign Manager NPP

By Buba Gagigo

Seedy Njie, the deputy spokesperson of the National People’s Party (NPP) says it was Lamin Cham, the National Campaign Manager for NPP, who said PPP, NCP, and GPDP are Dead Parties and should not be included in their partners for the local government elections.

In a leaked WhatsApp audio message sent to the NPP executive forum, Mr. Njie is heard denying he was the architect behind excluding PPP and others from the NPP local government coalition candidate selection process.

“I said we should engage all our partners but you refused and as recent as this local government election, I suggested for us to engage all the parties. I mentioned PPP, NCP, and GPDP. Lamin Cham was the first person to ridicule me to say ‘no those parties are dead, they don’t have people’. You Dou Sannoh was there and you people supported him.

“I will never go anywhere to say that was your position. And belie that was position. If you had listened to me, we wouldn’t have reached this. The same people went and say it was Seedy Njie who doesn’t want PPP, NCP, and GPDP. If you had listened to what said to engage PPP, NCP, and GPDP but you people refused and said we engage only NRP and APRC and I agreed,” 

The National People’s Party NPP Only mentioned NRP and APRC as their partners ahead of the upcoming Local Government Elections and that has created an uproar with some of their coalition partners, especially, PPP.

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