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MC Cham Jr Says Police Questioning Muhammad Darboe Is “Morally Wrong”

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MC Cham Jr., National Youth President GDC.

By Landing Ceesay

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) National Youth President, M.C. Cham Jr. said the questioning of Comedian Muhammad Darboe by the police over recent remarks he made is “morally wrong.”

“The police questioning of Muhammed Darboe is morally wrong, after witnessing the worst situations where leaders were rained with brutal insults. I am a decent politician who will never encourage, or condone insults because I am totally against them irrespective of who it is directed to, or from who it is coming from.

“We have seen (comedian) Baba Jah insulting Ousainou Darboe on a joint show with Muhammed Darboe on two occasions, and no action was taken by the Police to call him for questioning. In addition, the same Baba Jah insulted the parents of Essa Faal and he walked out free with his head held high in a country, where we honour and give maximum respect to our parents,” he wrote.

The outspoken youth leader said what was wrong yesterday cannot be right today.

M.C Cham Jr. said President Barrow has championed insults in Gambian politics, saying “his political platform has been used on so many occasions to launch insults to opposition leaders in a very ill-mannered way, and Barrow never dared to stop or ban those doing it”.

The GDC youth President recalled that during a political rally at the Buffer Zone in Tallinding, defected UDP member Fatoumatta Jawara rained “nasty insults” on Ousainou Darboe and received standing ovation in the aftermath.

He said the police never called her for questioning, and said what is so special about comedian Darboe’s case as the same thing that has happened in the past and was never taken up by the Police.

“Baboucarr Bahoum of the NPP has been going against Hon. Mamma Kandeh’s character up to the level of calling him names; and he is free like a bird and (was) never called for questioning over his outrageous remarks against a party leader with big followers. I am advising the police to be impartial and serve the people of The Gambia in line with their law but not to cherry-pick on cases.

“What is going on in our politics is a great threat as those insulted are respected leaders in this country, and if we wish to sit and allow it to continue it will get to a point of no return. The police action got me thinking of the animal farm where all animals are equal before the law, but some are more equal than others before the law. I encourage everyone to preach and practice decency in our political arena,” he said.

MC Cham therefore called for the immediate and unconditional release of Muhammad Darboe.

“And let us always learn to always do unto others, as we will want others to do to us,” he said.

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