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Seedy Njie Describes ‘Some’ NPP Executive Members As Hypocrites

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Seedy Njie, Deputy Spokesperson, NPP 

By Buba Gagigo

Seedy Njie, the Deputy Spokesperson of the National People’s Party (NPP), responding to Dou Sannoh and others in their executive WhatsApp forum, has described some of his party’s National Executives members as hypocrites.

“Some of the NPP executives are calling each other saying a lot of things, it’s all hypocrisy. Is all lies. We all know our positions in the National executive. The position of the Majority and my position is different. The party leader will say something the same executive members will tell people to refuse. If the same people tell people to ridicule me, that will not anger me,” he said.

The NPP Deputy spokesperson also said that none of the people criticizing him joined NPP before him, because in his words, they formed the party together.

“I want to say that, there is no one here who first joined NPP before me. Some were in UDP, some were expelled by their parties, and some resigned. Some were in APRC and I was part of the people who left my party and joined before the establishment of the party. We all formed NPP together. If you asked me where were you, I will ask you Where were you? I just laughed at some of the things they say,” he said

He went on to say that the same national executive members that will use UDP to tell things against him just to create the seed of discord between him and the president couldn’t muster enough votes within their compounds, and regions for the NPP.

“Is ill-intended but that doesn’t take me anywhere. The same people say we came to destroy NPP. Who came to destroy NPP? The person who came to destroy NPP Is the person in his compound, if he has ten people NPP cannot get three Votes there, if his village has hundred people, he cannot secure seventy votes for NPP and NPP cannot win in his constituency. 

“In my compound, if there are ten votes they all belong to NPP, my village is NPP, my district is NPP, my Region is NPP. Then who are the most important in NPP? Because Politics is all about numbers. Those saying they are the most important in NPP, UDP use to win in their compounds, their villages, their Constituencies, and their Regions, they left UDP and joined NPP but UDP is still winning those places,” said. 

He continued; “I know in the 2023 local government elections, NPP will win in my compound, my village, my Constituency, and in my region. And the people ridiculing me against the Gambian people in this national executive forum, NPP will not win their compounds, villages, constituencies and they know. I am proud of what I am doing. Just to remind Dou and all who speak that I don’t lie to a leader, I don’t cheat a leader and I don’t betray a leader. Yahya Jammeh, the same thing, and president Adama Barrow the same thing”.

The National People’s Party (NPP) Deputy Spokesperson was speaking in leaked what’s app audio acquired by Kerr Fatou.

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