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Lawyer Yankuba Darboe apologises for his ‘Indecent comments’

Lawyer Yankuba Darboe


By Buba Gagigo

Lawyer Yankuba Darboe, one of the leaders of “3 Year Jotna” protest group has apologised for the “indecent comments” he made in a video which went viral on social media last week.

Yanks, as he’s fondly referred to, used abusive language in a video on Wednesday, after he and his colleague leaders of the protest group were rearrested by the police, following their discharge by court.

Darboe, yesterday, on the Brunch show on Kerr Fatou, expressed total regret for his comments; saying he was so emotional at the time.

“I apologise for those indecent comments. And I apologise to anyone who was offended, felt disappointed by them [the indecent comments], because I had a lot of people who called, and they were disappointed. There are a lot of people who have admiration for me, and a lot of respect as well,” the lawyer expressed.



Yanks and his colleagues were rearrested by the police; following their discharge by court, after the state filed a nolle prosequi in their case on Wednesday.

The same charges they were acquitted and discharged of in their previous trail are brought again against them, after their rearrest. The charges numbering three are: unlawful assembly; riotous demolishing of buildings; and rioting after proclamation. The charges are in connection to their January 2020 protest against President Barrow choosing to serve the constitutional five-year mandate, instead of the 3 years campaign promise.

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