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Kemo Bojang Urges Gambians Not To Allow Gov’t Silence Anybody

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Kemo Bojang
National Youth Secretary General of the United Democratic Party

By Buba Gagigo

Kemo Bojang, National Youth Secretary General of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has urged Gambians not to allow government silence anyone.

“Gambia, if they (Gov’t) succeed in silencing Momodou sabally, they will silence all of us. This is not partisan, but a national issue, which affects all of us and we must take a stand in stopping it,” he said.

Mr Bojang continued that stifling the rights of individuals to express themselves is a threat to democracy.

“Unfortunately, that’s where we are heading (to) it seems. I will advice Mr. Abubakary Jawara to look inward and understand that we are in this predicament as a country today, because him and many like him have aided and abetted a system that is not fit for purpose because of their selfish interest. Mr Jawara has openly admitted in an interview to forgery. He is the first Gambian who has imported (hunting) guns in this country. He is the sole reason why the petroleum sector of this country is in shambles and many more. We will not sit by and watch the country becomes (an) animal farm. The common people will defend themselves, and we will do it when and where it is needed,” he concluded. 

The comments of the Youth Secretary General of the United Democratic Party followed the filing of a civil suit by the CEO of GACH Global, Abubakarr Jawara, against former Presidential Affairs Minister, Momodou Sabally.

Jawara claimed that Sabally made him lose D8 million in business, and sued him (Sabally) at the High Court of the Gambia for “defamation and slander”.

His comments also followed the invitation of UDP’s Ebrima Dibba for police questioning on Thursday, after a similar invitation was extended to the Gambia Democratic Congress National Youth President, MC Cham Jr.; and the suspended Citizens’ Alliance Spokesperson, Nenneh Freda Gomez.

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