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Hon. Jammeh Expressed Frustration Over Shortage Of Water In His Constituency

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Hon. Sulayman Jammeh, NAM For Bundunka Kunda

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

The National Assembly Member for Bundungka Kunda constituency, Hon. Sulayman Jammeh has expressed his frustration over the shortage of water in his constituency. 

Hon. Jammeh said the issue of water is still a problem and a concern for the people of his constituency. 

“The issue of water is still a concern. I just want to be direct, last time we raised the issue here and still now nothing has been done about it. 

Hon. Jammeh Appealed to the government through the Minister of Energy to come to their aid. 

“I just want to appeal to the Hon. Minister to come to our aid. Because as I am speaking, Hon. Speaker, we have been dealing with NAWEC as a community right now. We have up to 20 service connections that we are paying for the people. So, meaning as a community, we did our part. But the issue of pressure is still a problem. As I said before, I will be persistent in talking about this until it is solved. Because the reason we are all here is just to find a solution to the needs and aspirations of our people from the institutions that are responsible for taking care of them,” he said. 

Hon. Jammeh said he doesn’t think there should be any push and pull on this issue, saying, there is a problem, and the problem should be solved. 

Hon. Jammeh went on to say that as a community, they were able to provide a borehole in the most vulnerable areas of his constituency. 

“The last debate, I made mention of it here. As a community, we were able to provide two big boreholes to the vulnerable areas. So, meaning in Bundung, we are doing our part. We just want the government and the stakeholders as well as the right institution, which is NAWEC, to solve our problems. 

“If the citizens are doing their part equally, the government also should do its part. So, for that being the case, I am appealing to the Hon. Minister, if possible, to come and visit the community. At least we can collaborate and discuss the whole issue so that people can understand. Because the complaint we are receiving is too much,” he appealed. 

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