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Fajara Shooting: Two Suspects Admit to Involvement

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Commissioner Pateh Bah, the Regional Crime Officer for the Kanifing Municipality

By Buba Gagigo

Commissioner Pateh Bah, the Regional Crime Officer for the Kanifing Municipality, has officially confirmed that the two suspects apprehended in connection with the Fajara Gun Shooting have admitted to their involvement in the incident.

According to the commissioner, the shooting occurred on Thursday, February 15, 2024, during the hours between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM. The suspects’ confession sheds light on the details of this unfortunate event.

“We had this information that there is a shooting incident along Bakau New Town Road, not far from Timbuktu book store. We quickly responded to the scene. But then, unfortunately, we did not find the people responsible for the shooting. But we were lucky we found someone who claimed to be a victim. His name is Ali Seedy, he is a Guinea Bissau national resident in Fajara. He’s a businessman,” Bah recalled.

Commissioner Bah explained that the victim recounted being assaulted by one of the suspects, while the other remained in the vehicle. However, their attempt to rob him was unsuccessful.

“The assailant struggled to control the victim at gunpoint but ultimately failed. Subsequently, both suspects fled the scene, speeding away in their vehicle. Despite pursuit efforts by civilians and traffic officers, they managed to evade capture and headed towards Senegambia,” Commissioner Bah said.

Bah mentioned that it was at this juncture that they collaborated, assessed the situation, and initiated their investigation into the incident.

“Fortunately, the vehicle they used was a BMW and bystanders at the scene managed to identify its license plate number. Once the number was identified, we conducted our investigation to trace the vehicle’s owner. Eventually, we located the vehicle parked at a mechanic’s garage in Kololi. The owner of the garage was summoned, and he confessed that the vehicle belonged to him. Furthermore, he admitted to loaning it to one of his friends, who happens to be the primary suspect in this case,” he elucidated.

Commissioner Bah reported that they successfully apprehended the initial suspect, who was found hiding in Bijilo.

“After intensive efforts and interrogation of the first suspect, he disclosed the identity and whereabouts of his accomplice. This breakthrough occurred on Friday between 14:00 and 15:00 hours. By 17:00 hours, we had apprehended the second individual, a Sierra Leonean national residing in Dalaba Estate. Upon apprehension, we brought him face-to-face with the first suspect, leading to a confession from both parties regarding their involvement in the incident,” he detailed.

Commissioner Bah further stated that charges have been filed against both suspects, and they are scheduled to appear in court soon.

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