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Faal Discloses Plan To Stop Rice Importation


By Buba Gagigo

Independent Candidate Essa Mbaye Faal has disclosed his long-term plan to stop the importation of rice in The Gambia, if elected as President.

The independent candidate was speaking in Kuntaur village in the Central River Region when he visited the rice mill in the region.

“Gambia, we import much more rice than we produce, leading to significant loss of foreign exchange; because we have to pay foreign currency to import rice that we bring into our country. I think this is bad. This is sinking the nation. We must change. I promise that, if we are elected into office, we will resuscitate all this rice fields that we are allowing to become fallow and changing into forest we the view to significantly reducing our rice importation and ultimately in the long term to stop the importation of rice and possibly export rice to other countries,” Essa Mbaye Faal told his supporters at the defunct rice mill in Kuntaur on Saturday.

Essa Mbaye Faal last week unveiled his manifesto aimed at creating a transformational agenda for The Gambians, when elected as President in the December polls.

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