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EU donates Gambia €9 million to fight covid-19

EU ambassador to the Gambia, Attila Lajos

The European Union (EU) has donated €9 million which is about D512,640, 000 in support of The Gambia efforts to implement its responses to coronavirus pandemic. This development was released by the EU The Gambia delegation.
In a press released sent to Kerr Fatou states that this budget support seeks to contribute to catalyzing further financial assistance from development partners which therefore help to mitigate sanitary but also economic and social cost from the covid-19 pandemic.

It also meant to supporting the achievement of the medium-term development objective,” says EU delegate.
The EU Ambassador in The Gambia, Attila Lajos said that with this programme of Budget Support the EU contributes to rapidly mitigate the most urgent budgetary needs of the government in the context of the coronavirus crisis, and simultaneously supports the on-going political reforms.

He added that it is an important milestone in Team Europe’s response to this crisis in The Gambia but also worldwide, adding that no one is safe till everybody is safe.
“The Government of The Gambia has adopted a range of prevention and containment measures against the spread of the pandemic. At the same time, the country and the population are confronted with a drastic loss of revenues. This rapid budget support will therefore contribute to cover unanticipated spending needs arising from the COVID-19 emergency and fending off the impact of COVID-19.”
“This should help The Gambia to remain on the path of a successful democratic transition and economic recovery after the change of regime in early 2017. Important milestones are ahead, including the Constitutional Referendum at the end of this year and the much-needed Security Sector Reform.”

“The EU remains committed to help strengthening the democratic and economic governance as well as the resilience capacity in The Gambia. The EU therefore supports the priorities of the Government in view of encouraging inclusive and sustainable growth, human rights & democracy, and the rule of law.”

“This budget support involves the transfer of € 9,000,000 to the National Treasury of The Gambia. These funds will be used in accordance with The Gambia’s own Public Financial Management systems and policy priorities.”

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