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Ebrima Dibba to IGP: Urge President Adama Barrow to Enact Better Laws

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Ebrima Dibba, Deputy National Organizing Secretary

By Buba Gagigo

Ebrima Dibba, the Deputy Organizing Secretary of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has issued a strong message to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Seedy Touray. He warned that attempts to silence the party would fail and called on the IGP to advise President Adama Barrow to enact better laws.

During a recent press conference, the IGP announced that the police would crack down on citizens insulting leaders in The Gambia. In response, Dibba, who was recently detained upon his arrival at the airport, emphasized that the UDP would not be intimidated.

“I want to remind, advise, and warn the IGP. It’s important to speak up when you foresee issues. I know the IGP is a technocrat and former immigration officer. Everyone knows the role of immigration, and we also know the President is his brother-in-law. He was moved from immigration to IGP for reasons best known to the President. However, we will express our suspicions. Despite these connections, the country must be governed by good laws, not the current flawed ones. We fear only the law of the land, not individuals,” Dibba asserted.

Dibba criticized President Barrow for not fulfilling his promise to reform the country’s legal system.

“The previous government had poor laws, and President Barrow inherited them. He was expected to introduce new, effective laws that would command respect and adherence. Instead, he has maintained the same outdated laws, leading to stagnation. The IGP’s threats of police intimidation won’t work. He should tell his in-law, President Barrow, to introduce good laws that can govern the people fairly. We will not be controlled by an individual,” Dibba stated.

In 2021, the National Assembly Members, with influence from the governing NPP and its allies, rejected a draft constitution that included a clause limiting President Barrow’s term to 2026. Dibba urged the President to revive this draft constitution.

“Reintroduce the new draft constitution. If laws are violated, they should take their course. However, if the IGP tries to control everything, it will be problematic. His plans won’t succeed here. This year, we might end up in court frequently, keeping judges very busy. We stand firm in our convictions.

“President Barrow must fulfill his promises to the Gambian people. He shouldn’t rely on his authority to rule. The IGP should convey this truth to the President: respect and implement good laws for the benefit of the country. If laws are in place, they will naturally take their course upon violation. We will not tolerate a 15-year rule from President Barrow; it won’t happen,” Dibba concluded.

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