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Darboe Describes Mayor Lowe’s REFELA Presidency His ‘Best’ Moment

United Democratic Party (UDP) leader, Lawyer Ousainu Darboe and Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe of BCC.

By Buba Gagigo

The United Democratic Party (UDP) leader, Lawyer Ousainu Darboe said Rohey Malick Lowe’s REFELA Presidential election victory is his ‘best’ moment since 1996.

“This is the best evening for me since 1996. I have never felt so proud, I have never felt so elated than on the 18th (May 2022), when I heard that my daughter, the Mayor of the Capital City of Banjul was elected the President of REFELA Africa,” Darboe told a crowd of jubilant Gambians at his compound in Pipeline. 

The UDP leader also explained how he got to realise the potential of Mayor Lowe before her mayoral success.

“In 2017, Rohey walked into my office at the Foreign Ministry, took out D100 and said ‘Papa I want to contest the Mayoral election in Banjul. I’m not saying you support me, but pray for me’, Since then, I discovered in her a woman of great vision, a woman who is committed to the course of the Gambian women and a woman who is prepared to do anything for the Gambian women and youth. And I silently supported her in her quest to become mayor of Banjul and am proud that we selected her in person,” he concluded.  “Rohey Lowe, congratulations!”

The United Democratic Party leader was speaking to a crowd of jubilant Gambians on Saturday who came out to welcome and cheer the Banjul Mayor Rohey Malick upon her return from Kenya after winning the REFELA Presidency on 18th May 2022.

Before her ascension to the REFELA Presidency, the Banjul Mayor was the Vice President of the network for West Africa.

REFELA is the acronym for the Network of Women Elected officials of subnational and local governments of Africa regroups women members of the political bodies dealing with the governance of the local authorities and governments of Africa. A 15-member executive bureau manages the network representing the South, North, Central, East, and West Africa regions.

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