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Darboe Asks Barrow To Nominate A Christian

Ousainu Darboe
UDP Leader

By Buba Gagigo

The Secretary General and leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has asked President Adama Barrow to nominate a Christian and a proper female representative.

Speaking at his party office in Pipeline today, the UDP leader says the constitution has given the president powers to nominate five members, but it should be interest groups that do not have proper representation in the National Assembly.

“I thought the President will ask the Chamber of Commerce to give him somebody to nominate to represent the business community. I thought he will do the same to the women also, but nominating someone who is rejected by his constituency is belittling, provoking Gambians and misuse of power and abuse of office. 

“During Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, Christians were represented in the National Assembly, but there is no Christina representative during his (Barrow) time. He should have consulted the Christian community and asked them to select a responsible person to represent them, not only nominating the person but you can make him the speaker of the house. If this was a UDP government, we would have a Christian representative in The National Assembly,” Darboe said while receiving the newly elected UDP National Assembly Members in Pipeline today.

He said the Christian community should see themselves in the government but that is not happening.

“What he is doing is, ‘I have the power I will do whatever I want’ which is bad and is not going to do well for our democracy. President Barrow! You have not sworn them yet, go back and rescind the decision,” he said.

Darboe also asked the Barrow to select a proper female representative who can stand and speak for women.

“The one you selected to represent the women is not a female representative. You selected people who will go to the National Assembly and provoke people and that’s not good for the country. I once suggested to him in 2016 to appoint Gomez, as the speaker of the House. One, he will represent Banjul. Two, he will represent the tribal minority because he is a Manjako, and three; he will represent the Christian community. 

“This is not the man that has interest in the Gambian woman, if not he wouldn’t nominate someone who said she is not in Parliament to speak Queen’s English. Even NPP supporters’ hearts are bleeding, I mean the ones that were with us in UDP. Lamin Cham and all others’ hearts are bleeding. How can you nominate Seedy Njie who said you will not be inaugurated in this country and Lamin Cham is there? Why didn’t you nominate Lamin Cham? He had done so much for you. Wallahi! These people who left UDP and joined you, their sins will one day affect you,” he concluded. 

President Adama Barrow nominated Fabakay Tombong Jatta as Speaker and Seedy Njie as Deputy Speaker for the 6th Legislature following the just concluded National Assembly election. However, they first have to be accepted by the National Assembly Members through voting tomorrow after their inauguration slated for 10am at the new National Assembly building in Banjul.

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