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Clash Of Brothers: MC Cham Jr Responds Dou Sannoh

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Mc Cham Jr. GDC National Youth President & Presidential Adviser Dou Sannoh

By Buba Gagigo

MC Cham Jr, the National Youth President Of the Gambia Democratic Congress, has vehemently denied allegations proffered against him by Presidential Advisor, Dou Sannoh, that he (MC Cham Jr) was part of the executive of the Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG).

“I have listened to an audio where Dou Sannoh accused me of being part of the executive of the November Protesters. I just want to tell him that I am someone who is not afraid of anything. I don’t hide behind others and will not hide my association with any group that I am part of. Likewise, I wish I was part of the executive of CoPG. Because if I was a member of their executive, it wouldn’t have ended like it did. I am not part of their executive, but it is safe to say they advance causes that I have been fighting for before they appear on the scene.

“I have been speaking against the ongoing corruption, high cost of living, and bad governance for so long. I am not new to the fight against bad governance. They (CoPG) shared a cause that I have been fighting for so long. Also, I disagree with Dou’s characterization of people who disagree with him. You cannot call the Coalition for Progressive Gambians bad people because they wanted to protest. If their desire to protest made them bad people today, then Dou Sannoh and his colleagues were also bad people during Jammeh’s time. Because they welcome protests at the time and were happy about it,” MC Cham Jr told Kerr Fatou on Friday night.

During his recent interview with Star Fm Radio, Dou Sannoh accused opposition figures of being behind the postponed November Protest and said the GDC Youth President MC Cham Jr is part of the CoPG executive.

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