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Changping: A Thriving Hub of Innovation and Development

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The Captivating District of Changping 

By Fatou Sillah

Changping, located in the northwest of Beijing, is making waves as a vibrant center of innovation and development. With its rich history dating back over 2,000 years to the Western Han Dynasty, Changping is recognized as a strategic gateway for safeguarding the capital.

Covering an expansive area of 1,343.5 square kilometers and home to a population of 2.269 million, Changping blends its profound historical heritage with a modern, forward-thinking atmosphere characterized by fashion, openness, pluralism, and inclusivity.

At the forefront of Changping’s growth is its role as a dynamic science city. Boasting numerous national, provincial, and ministerial key laboratories, engineering technology centers, and high-tech companies, Changping is driving innovation across various sectors. Future Science City, spanning 170.6 square kilometers, serves as a pioneering hub for research and development, focusing on Life Valley, Energy Valley, and Shahe Higher Education Park.

Moreover, Changping has emerged as a vibrant university town, hosting 41 universities and attracting top talents from around the world. With a strong academic presence, strategic cooperation agreements, and the establishment of science parks, Changping is fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In terms of economic development, Changping offers ample opportunities for investment and growth. With a focus on sectors such as medicine and health, advanced energy, and advanced manufacturing, Changping’s GDP exceeds 130 billion yuan, supported by industrial clusters and comprehensive facilities.

Furthermore, Changping’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its eco-friendly initiatives, with a remarkable forest coverage rate of 49% and top-ranking air quality. It also boasts cultural heritage sites and is recognized as the “Hometown of Hot Springs in China.”

With its conducive business environment, strategic location, and commitment to innovation, Changping continues to thrive as a beacon of progress and prosperity in the region 

Foreign journalists were treated to an enlightening tour of various sites in Changping, departing from Jianguomen. The itinerary was planned to provide a comprehensive glimpse into the region’s innovation and development.

The journey commenced at 09:30 with the arrival at the exhibition hall of Beijing Future Science City (FSC) where the journalists were warmly welcomed and introduced to the captivating projects underway at FSC.

Deputy District Mayor Liu Qiang delivered an insightful speech, shedding light on the vision and mission of FSC, setting the tone for the day’s exploration.

Subsequently, the group proceeded to the Integrated Intelligent Zero-carbon Power Plant of State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) where they had the opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology in action.

The journalists also visited the Energy Valley park where They show the green energy technologies and experience firsthand the efforts being made towards sustainability.

The journalists subsequently visited the Xiaotangshan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, offering a glimpse into innovative agricultural practices.

Highlights of the visit included a tour of the tropical fruit greenhouse at Xiaotangshan Agricultural Park  followed by a buffet lunch at Xiaotangshan Rose Hot Spring Hotel.

After lunch, the group proceeded to Beijing Changping Vocational School for an insightful visit, followed by a tour of the Life Valley

The day’s itinerary concluded with a visit to Beijing GoBroad Hospital where the guest were provided with insights into the region’s healthcare advancements.

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