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Brikama Area Council Chairman declares 100% loyalty to Pres. Barrow


There is an emerging tension between the supporters of the United Democratic Party who accused Sherffo Sonko of being loyal to President Adama Barrow and not their party.

Sheriffo Sonko, the chairman of the Brikama Area Council, has declared 100% support to President Adama Barrow amidst brewing tension between the president and his former United Democratic Party (UDP).

President Barrow was a member of the UDP until the 2016 elections when he resigned to contest as an independent candidate.

Following the election, a majority UDP-led Government was formed and Barrow appointed 3 UDP executive members as cabinet ministers.

He, however, fired the 3, Amadou Sanneh, Ousainou Darboe and Lamin Dibba, after tension erupted between the President and his former party.

It was not clear what was responsible for the problem between the President and his former party but several UDP members said the President was angry about the party’s rejection of his intent to run for another term.

Barrow contested the 2016 presidential election with the backing of 7 political parties and 3 independent candidates.

He promised to oversee a 3-year transition and resign but the President appeared to change his mind to run for full 5-year term as stipulated in the constitution.

While the UDP initially agreed with the 5-year mandate of the president, they have refused to back him for another term, causing a rupture in their relations.

Since the tension, some UDP members who are in agreement with President Barrow began having tension with the party. Sheriffo is accused by UDP to be among such people.

In an interview with Kerr Fatou, Sonko said he is 100% loyal to President Adama Barrow.

“Even you (Fatou) have to be loyal to the President. I have to be loyal to the President and to my people. And again, we cannot be at loggerheads. Even if someone is pushing me to that it I cannot do that,” said Sheriffo.

“I’ll never be at loggerheads with the President. Area councils are not decentralized. We are still under the supervision of the (Local Government) Ministry. I am a member of the UDP but I’ll never let go the agendas of the President. So if you want me to blindfold myself to those thing (National Development Agenda), I am saying no.”


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