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‘Barrow should avoid partisan agenda, focus on transition’


The deputy administrative secretary of the United Democratic Party has urged President Adama Barrow to focus on country’s transitional agenda and avoid partisan political agenda.

Speaking at a Gunjur rally on Saturday, Alhagie S. Darboe, a lawmaker representing Brikama North, blamed Barrow for the rift between him and his former party.

“There is too much noise in this country about the UDP and the person who caused all these unnecessary noise is our own son President Adama Barrow and it is only him who can end this distraction by doing what he is supposed to do,” Darboe said at a rally in Gunjur on Saturday.

“I told him that he is a transitional president and that he should remove himself from politics and focus on the issues that brought him to office.”

Rift emerged between Barrow and his former party few months after he came to power as a coalition leader who was backed by seven parties and an independent.

The coalition “gentleman agreement” for who was supposed to be a transitional leaders was three years but the President, it now appears, is going for five years.

The UDP leader Ousainou Darboe did backed Barrow for five years. Now, there are rumours that the president who has shown intention to seek another mandate from Gambian people is planning to form his own political party.

The UDP has said before that they will not back Barrow for another term.

“We have been seeing meetings here and there which are political. We know what is a developmental and a political agenda. We want to tell the president to carry on with his development plan and drop his political ambition,” he warned.

Alhagie Darboe also warned that his party will consider President Barrow an ‘enemy’ if he continues to back his Youth Movement because that group sees the UDP as an enemy and as such anyone who supports it including Barrow will be considered as an enemy of the UDP.

He went on to reveal that although the president has always said that his relationship with the vice president and leader of the UDP Ousainu Darboe is good, it is clear that his relations with the UDP is not good because there is a group associated with him who sees the UDP as their worst enemy and he is fully supporting it.

“Today even the APRC is not seen as much of our enemy as that group and if Barrow continues to be behind that group then we will begin to see him too as our enemy,” he warned.


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