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Barrow Says Kerr Fatou & Mengbe Kering Wouldn’t Have Existed If Gambia Was Undemocratic

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 H.E. Adama Barrow, President of the Gambia 

By Buba Gagigo

President Adama Barrow has stated that the existence of both Kerr Fatou Media and Mengbe Kering Radio is a testament to the Gambia’s commitment to democracy.

“They belittle the police and claim that we have a dictatorship in this country. If there were no democracy in the country, Lawyer Darboe would not have been able to stand up at the UDP press conference and speak freely. The police would have arrested him and thrown him in jail. But he was able to say whatever he wanted. If there were no democracy, the Kerr Fatou platform wouldn’t have existed. If there were no democracy, Mengbe Kering Radio would not exist in The Gambia. And all the radio stations that criticize the government would not exist either.” President Barrow said.

The president vowed that his government would crack down on lawbreakers, asserting that no country can thrive without laws.

” We have been lenient with them for too long, but we will no longer tolerate lawbreaking and idle chatter. No country can exist without laws. I was raised by religious people and taught to live a moral life. If anyone calls me a “Ndongo,” I will dismiss them as an ignorant fool. I have spent my entire life in this country, and everyone knows me. I have never been involved in any shady activities, and I have never been seen drinking alcohol. The NPP is not here to play games. We are ready for anything. We are willing to lay down our lives for this country, and we will win because we are working hard.” he said.

President Barrow delivered this statement at the grand opening of his party’s regional headquarters in Bansang on Friday.

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