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Barrow promises to bridge Banjul-Barra river crossing


President Adama Barrow has promised to initiate works to begin next year to build Gambia’s lengthiest ferry crossing point.

The seven mile water ways connects country’s capital Banjul to the North Bank of the River Gambia.

“We are talking to people to bridge Banjul-Barra crossing. We are planning to start it by 2019 for it to finish in four years time. This bridge will connect Banjul and Barra and even Gambia and Senegal. We will do in four years what could not happen here in 53 years,” Barrow said at a meeting in Essau.

Barrow, who is currently on his annual meet-the-people tour, has told the people he will fulfill the promises he has made during the campaign.

He however said his government will not be able to “fix the damage done in 22 years in 5 years…”.

“We cannot suffer yesterday and continue to suffer today… That must not happen. This is why it is obligatory on us all to work for the country,” he said.

Barrow also said they will ensure regular and efficient electricity supply for the population.

“We will construct 400 kilometers of road… Our targets is 1000 kilometers,” he added.

The ten-day tour which started today is expected to end next week.


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