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Woman accuses former Interior Minister Sonko of rape


The widow of late Lt Almamo Manneh has accused former Interior Minister of rape. Binta Jamba, a witness before the Truth Commission on Wednesday said the former Interior Minister has raped her over 60 times.

Binta’s husband Almamo Manneh was reportedly killed on orders of former president Yahya Jammeh by a team of soldiers led by Ousman Sonko in January 2000.

The 51-year old mother who now lives in North Carolina, United States, said Ousman started harassing him from the time he was commander of the state guards to the time he was appointed an Interior Minister. Sonko was also appointed Inspector General of Police.

Jamba recalled the first attempt by Ousman to rape her was at his office at the State House. In all these scenes, Ousman was always with a pistol.

This terrified her, she said. “He held my hands and threw me on the bed… I decided to tighten my wrapper. He had his pistol with him,” she said.

Jamba said Sonko forced himself on her. She said he forced himself on her several times.

Jamba said to escape from Sonko, she had to flee Gambia for U.S where she now lives with her children.

Jamba has testified against Sonko in Switzerland where he faces charges of war crimes.

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