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Who Will Save Gambians From Their Government?

Zakaria Kemo Konteh

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected and slowed down most operational activities and still poses serious problems to world’s economies, Gambia government is on spending overdrive, sinking citizens deeper into debts without anything to show for it.

Our Minister of Finance, Mambury Njie, disclosed that our government spent a whopping 5.08 billion dalasi in the first quarter of 2020 (from January through April) up by 29% from 3.95 billion dalasi during the same period in 2019. How could our government officials justify or laugh their way out of such an insane increased spendings in just 4 months when the pandemic was supposed to account for lower economic activities?

To make matters worse, our Works and Infrastructure Ministry has already absorbed 73% of its total approved budget in 2020, spending D428 million out of 436 million allocated for Roads and bridges. Bai Lamin Jobe is still keeping his lucrative ministerial position even after being accused of hemorrhaging tax payers of millions of dalasi through shady Banjul Road Rehabilitation Project.

Since our National Assembly as an oversight institutions has demonstrated both weakness and capitulation in the face of the Executive overreach and recklessness with electorates pinning their hopes on fewer than 10 outstanding NAMs, we, the Gambians, are earnestly looking for a Savior against their own government. Who can step up to the plate?

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