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“We Did Not Bring Them To Be Detained At Mile 2”- Baxo Jaiteh Reacts To Arrest of Saul Badjie & Co

Bakary (Baxo) Jaiteh
Prominent APRC supporter

By Buba Gagigo

A prominent Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) supporter, Bakary  Jaiteh (Baxo) who joined President Adama Barrow’s camp for the December presidential election said they did not bring back General Saul Badjie and Co to be detained at mile 2. 

“Apart from God, Fabakay Tombong Jatta is the person that made us to be part of bringing back Saul Badjie from Equatorial Guinea to The Gambia. Then when you face this today, the load is on our heads. Let’s take it easy. Give us the chance. Security affairs are left with the security, but what we are seeing in the whole thing and the people we are seeing beside them are witch hunters. They are wicked people. They don’t want peace for Adama Barrow and Gambia or for Yahya Jammeh,” he said in an audio recording obtained and confirmed by this medium. 

Baxo alleged that Barrow is being ‘wrongly’ advised and urged him to be mindful of decisions he takes not to jeopardise the peace he enjoys with the APRC.

“President Barrow is God who brought us together for the peace of this country, togetherness and for us to be the same. That is the reason we joined you to help re-elect you. But you should be mindful, I swear, the people advising you are totally advising you wrongly. Whatever we do, is for your peace and security. But President Barrow, this is a time that you should be mindful. People who don’t like you and your presidency and didn’t vote for you will come after you in different ways. And one of the ways they will use is to make sure Saul Badjie and his people are not at peace so that they can provoke us. And if that happens, we will not be able to talk again in politics. Look at Sanna Sabally, Alagie Kanyi, all these people are working freely. A lot of them are working freely. Saul Badjie is just alleged. We have never seen him killing. It’s true we can say our happiness has turned to sadness but we still believe this sadness is not a sadness. What we believe in is the security will do their job but. We don’t bring them to be detained at mile 2,” Jaiteh added.

Jaiteh’s comment came after the arrest  and subsequent detention of the persons in question, which the Army spokesperson said his institution is not responsible for.

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