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Aisha Fatty Objects To Request For Testimony From Former Friend in Court

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Aisha Fatty and Abdoulie Cham

By Landing Ceesay 

Mrs. Aisha Fatty, the first defendant, has contested the motion presented by Abdoulaye Thiam, the plaintiff, seeking to compel her ex-friend, Mrs. Aji Fama Taal-Gaye, to testify against her in court.

Thiam, in a motion dated November 7, 2023, urged the court to order Mrs. Taal-Gaye to appear before Hon. Justice Ebrima Jaiteh and provide testimony regarding her knowledge of the case. Thiam additionally requested that the court issue any other orders it deems necessary.

In response, Mrs. Aisha Fatty refuted the claim that Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye is uninformed about the matter before the court.

Mrs. Aisha Fatty clarified that Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye was her friend until their relationship ended months before Abdoulaye Thiam filed the lawsuit against her. Mrs. Fatty asserted that the strained relationship between them is the main motivation behind Mrs. Taal-Gaye’s desire to testify. Mrs. Fatty explained that her involvement in the gold business was limited to selling her personal gold chain and earrings to Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye, who insisted on purchasing them for her naming ceremony.

“There is currently bad blood between myself and Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye and her only motive of wanting to testify on this matter is to be even with me. I am not involved in the gold business but only sold my personal gold chain and earrings to the said Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye. Because she badly wanted it for her naming ceremony and pestered me to sell it to her,” Mrs. Fatty said. 

Mrs. Aisha Fatty emphasized that Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye’s testimony would not contribute to resolving the issues between the parties, given their severed relationship before the lawsuit by Abdoulaye Thiam.

She argued that Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye would be biased, having severed ties several months before the lawsuit.

Mrs. Fatty contended that Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye’s evidence, as per the attached affidavit, pertains specifically to a gold chain and earrings that she sold to her for the naming ceremony.

“At all material times, the said Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye’s friendship has severed ties with me several months ago and will not therefore be in the interest of Justice if she testifies for the Plaintiff. I am informed by Counsel K. Jallow and I verily believe the same to be true, that it is not in the interest of Justice to grant the application. 

“The application is mal fida (bad faith) meant to bring or portray me in a bad light in favour of the plaintiff as a way of getting back at me due to our unresolved personal issues. I am informed by Counsel K. Jallow and I verily believe same to be true, that the application lacks merits as no proposed Affidavit of witness statement of the said Mrs. Fama Taal-Gaye is attached to the application,” she said. 

Background of the Case 

Abdoulaye Thiam, the plaintiff, is suing Fatty, his former fiancée, for allegedly breaching their engagement promise. He claims that the breach has caused him emotional distress and embarrassment. Thiam is also suing the Inspector General of Police, Abdoulie Sanyang, who is the second defendant in the civil suit.

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