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‘We are still going through the same thing’ Sexual & Gender Base Violence Victim Says 

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Binta Nyabally a victim of sexual and gender base Violence

By Fatou Sillah 

Mariama Manneh (not her real name), a victim of sexual and gender-based violence in the Gambia during the Jammeh regime is still experiencing the same thing in the new dispensation, six years after Jammeh was forced into exile.

“We are very tired. we are still going through the same thing, if you don’t know what is happening I will tell you. I was a victim during Jammeh’s regime and a victim under the Barrow Government and that should not have happened. We voted in for Adama Barrow. 

“The victims have contributed immensely to make sure that the Adama Barrow Government became a success and still now we are going through the same torture. You should help the victims, a lot of victims are gradually dying due to a lack of proper medications and the stigma they face in their societies. A lot of the victims are not educated. We cannot help ourselves you should look back and help the victims,” she said. 

She added that the Barrow Government has never called the victims to have a ‘word’ with them 

“Since these human rights violations happened to us, the Government never called to have a word with the victims. Aside from the TRRC and the support we are getting from Fantanka and other organizations, they are still raping people. The last time a girl was raped was between the Gunjur and Tanji forests. Another girl was raped in the Sifoe forest. 

“When it comes to the side of the securities, they are still torturing people. They refuse to give us our fundamental human rights. Anybody that goes out to speak against the government they will do whatever they want to do with you. The president and the ministers always said we don’t know about these things.  Is the president In charge of the securities or are the securities in charge of the president? She asked. 

“No one should vote for the government. We all should vote and vote wisely, we should not put our freedom at stake for anybody” she concluded

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