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UTG Welcomes Donation Of New Buses To SU

The donated buses
The donated buses
Photo: UTG


The University of the Gambia [UTG] has welcomed the donation of two new 66-seater buses to the Students’ Union [UTGSU].

 “This has come at the right time: the beginning of the first semester. Since we will be using Faraba for some of our classes, we will need to have buses shuttling between Brikama Campus and Faraba. The donated buses will help facilitate student movements for their extra-curricular activities,” the Ag. Vice Chancellor, Professor Pierre Gomez told Kerr Fatou.

He added that the UTG now has six buses, hoping to increase to eight, in three months, when the 2 buses approved by the management arrive, which would double the number buses at UTG, compared to last semester.

The union president, University Vice Chancellor, Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology and other officials witnessed the handing over of the keys to buses at State House.

On behalf of the UTGSU president, the Secretary General thanked President Barrow for the gesture.

“We wish to thank President Barrow and his government for this great consideration for an institution where he is the chancellor,” Muhammed Y. Darboe remarked.

The UTGSU SG stated the efforts the union made on behalf of the students in getting the vehicles.

“When our executive council was voted into office in November 2020, part of our first point of action was to pay a courtesy call on the President. In December 2020, we visited the President in the state house and issued a number of challenges faced by the UTG and demands for his intervention. Insufficient buses was key among other demands.

“The President [Barrow] had promised to solve the problem of transportation which he fulfilled today. The buses could not have come at any better time,” Darboe informed.

He sincerely acknowledged that the UTG has been faced with transportation problems, but was quick to add that the institution has promised to purchase two extra buses in 90 days; in response to the demands in the September 2021 mass protest by students.


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