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UDP’s 5-point Agenda Manifesto Criticised

Former independent aspirant in the 2021 presidential election

By Buba Gagigo

Bubacarr Jeng, former independent aspirant in the 2021 presidential election said the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) 5-point agenda manifesto was not enough for him to endorse the party in the election.

He made the remarks on Kerr Fatou’s ‘Politic Kaacha’ show on Tuesday, while justifying his endorsement of  President Adama Barrow in last year’s election; after withdrawing his intention to run as an independent candidate.

“As for me, my perception about things might be very different with many people. I know there is a potential for me to contribute to his (President Adama Barrow) camp. Because he is a good listener, and anything good, he will subscribe to it. I believe that if I get in his camp and get the chance to sit (with Barrow) and talk about the progress of this country, he will listen. I did not see any political party in this country that has clearly defined its policies, I did a research on Facebook, I did not see a single manifesto that other political parties presented. (the UDP) 5-point agenda was not enough, I am very technical,” Bubacarr Jeng said on Tuesday.

Jeng admitted to not reading  the party’s 5-point agenda manifesto in detail, but insisted not convinced by the rest of the presidential candidates.

“These are just bullet points, but I haven’t read their five-point agenda. I listened to all the presidential candidates on their platforms. (but) I was not convinced about the messages they were putting out,” he said.

Responding to Jeng’s remarks, Ebrima Dibba, United Democratic Party Deputy Organising Secretary called the remarks ‘baseless’.

“…To say UDP’s five-point agenda is not enough, the one he (Babucarr Jeng)  joined (President Adama Barrow) doesn’t even have one point agenda. Our five-point agenda focuses on many important issues like agriculture- to do 50 percent rice production in the Gambia. The educational system, we wanted to give Gambians a better educational system. Health, youths, etc. The party that put all these points together, you said that is not enough. It’s just like giving your back to a party that has (a) five-point agenda, and going to a party without any agenda,” Dibba to this medium.

Bubacarr Jeng, in the build-up to the 2021 presidential election declared his intention to run as an independent candidate, but withdrew his intention due to his weak financial muscle; and later joined President Adama Barrow’s camp before the election.

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