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UDP Leader Ousainu Darbo Speaks Out On UDP Flag Bearer Controversy

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ANM Ousainu Darbo, Party Leader and Secretary General of the UDP

By Buba Gagigo

ANM Ousainu Darboe, Secretary General and Party Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has said that the party has not yet decided on a presidential candidate for the 2026 election.

“Leading a successful and blessed party like the UDP is a desirable position for many people. Even if someone does not outwardly express their desire for leadership, it is possible that they would be happy to be chosen as the flag bearer. Ultimately, it is up to the party to decide who they want to lead them.

“I can tell you that most of the people who say that Ousainou is too old to be the leader are not true UDP supporters. They see Ousainou as an obstacle to their party’s progress and want him removed so that their party can move forward.” the UDP party leader said in an interview with Mengbe Kering TV.

The UDP leader advised those interested in becoming the party’s presidential candidate to apply when the time comes. The selection of the candidate he said, is done by a selection committee.

“The selection committee, not Congress, is responsible for selecting the UDP’s presidential candidate. Anyone interested in being the flag bearer must write to the selection committee to express their interest. The committee will assess all applicants in the same way that they did during the Brikama Area Council selection and in all other elections. The UDP does not have a presidential candidate yet, and only God knows who the flag bearer will be tomorrow. Ousainou Darboe is our leader today until God decides otherwise,” he said.

When asked if he would run for the United Democratic Party presidential candidacy in 2026, he replied, “We cannot discuss something that has not yet come to pass. We will discuss whether or not this will happen at the appropriate time, but saying it today is pointless because my words would be nothing more than intentions. Who knows what God will decide before then?”

The UDP leader said that they do not have anyone in mind for the position at this time, but if they did, it would be their Deputy Party Leader Aji Yam Secka.

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