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UDP Findings Shows No Vote Rigging In North Bank Region

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YaKumba Jaiteh Deputy Administrative Secretary United Democratic Party

By Buba Gagigo

The United Democratic Party (UDP) has released a press release stating that their findings have confirmed that there was no vote rigging in the North Bank Region.

“Following suspicions and allegations of vote rigging and electoral malpractices in NBR during the recently concluded Local Government elections of 20 May 2023, after the National Elections Command Centre, the NBR Regional Executive Committee also examined the election results by reviewing the results slips from all the polling stations of the region. The figures contained in those results slips are consistent with those pronounced by the IEC.

“The Regional Executive Committee therefore instructed the Regional Administrative Secretary to convey their findings and the vetted results slips to the relevant National Executive Committee members for further scrutiny. The results slips were again examined and the conclusions of the Regional Executive Committee were validated,” the party said.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) has said that it is in agreement with the results of the North Bank Regional (NBR) elections, as declared by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) at the North Bank Regional Collation Centre. However, the UDP has also said that it will continue to look into other aspects of the NBR elections where issues have been raised.

“Should we detect any irregularities, we will act accordingly,” the statement said.

With regard to their performance in the North Bank Region during this election cycle, the United Democratic Party says they are pleased with the votes they gained in the region.

“The Party is pleased with the ground gained in the North Bank Region, compared to the recent past elections. A similar upward trend with respect to results has been observed in all other regions where the Party did not win. It intends to build on those achievements to ensure victory in future elections in NBR and the other regions currently controlled by its political opponents.

“By the same token, the Party hereby clears its Administrative Secretary, North Bank Region, Mr. Momodou Marr and his colleague, Mr. Lamin Jojo Gassama, Deputy Regional Campaign Manager, of any and all alleged malpractices. The party commends these two officials for their hard work and commitment to the Party and its ideals,” they concluded.

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