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UDP Extends Apology To Deputy Governor Suso

Almamy Fanding Taal
UDP Spokesman


By Buba Gagigo


Almamy Fanding Taal, spokesperson of United Democratic Party [UDP] has on behalf of his party apologised to Musa Suso, the Deputy Governor of the West Coast Region, after UDP leader accused him [Suso] of being at the police station when the UDP vehicle was caught with suspected cannabis.


“So many things were said yesterday when the party leader was talking. Everyone knows the party leader was not there, and whatever he said, he got it from reliable sources. But we later heard that maybe there was someone who looked like Musa Suso, but Musa Suso was definitely not there. We are apologizing to him,” the Spokesperson says.


Almamy Fanding Taal makes these remarks on ‘Politic Kaacha’, a weekly show on Kerr Fatou on Tuesday.


This came less than a week, after the police said in a statement that their patrol team C of Bundung Division on 17th April 2021, during its night patrols apprehended a yellow pickup belonging to the United Democratic Party, and driven by someone who failed to stop for checking, resulting in his immediate pursue, and subsequently, an evidence of suspected cannabis was found in the vehicle leading to his arrest.

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