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Turkish Super League Club Invites Two Gambian Amputee Footballers

Amputee footballers in action 
(Photo:  Gambia Amputee’s Football Association)

KONYA Disabled Force Sports Club has invited two Gambian amputee footballers to the Turkish Amputees’ Football Super League organised by the Physically Handicapped Federation in Turkey.

“Our amputee football team, affiliated with our club, acts in the Amputee Football Super League organised by the Turkish Physically Handicapped Sports Federation. In accordance with the competition instructions determined by our federation, up to 4 foreign players can take part in amputee football teams and participate in the competitions.

“In this context, we have invited the amputee football players who are “Gambian” citizens …Ousman Jatta and Bubacarr Camara to our country…,” an excerpt of the club’s  letter on the subject ‘Foreign players’, dated 8th March 2022, through the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its  embassy in Banjul, read.

Further, in the letter, the Turkish amputee football team established in 2007, kindly requested its Banjul embassy to facilitate the necessary visa procedures for Ousman Jatta and Bubacarr Camara.

Announcing the news, the Gambia Amputees’ Football Association welcomed the development and described it as a ‘great and happy moment’ for families of its members.

“The Gambia Amputee’s Football Association is happy to announce the invitation for their two super stars in Turkey Super League team called KONYA Amputee’s football team. This is (a) great and happy moment for all Amputees’ families in The Gambia,” the association announced on Facebook today.

The body wished the invited players the best in their career at KONYA Amputee’s Football Club in Turkey; while appealing for support to make the young and talented superstars achieve their dreams.

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