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Third person claims former army chief Jatta, Barrow’s adviser present at Nov. 11 Killings


The 22nd witness before the Truth Commission probing the human rights violations of former dictator Yahya Jammeh has named both former army chief Colonel Babucarr Jatta and Colonel Momodou Badgie as present during the November 11 killings. Badgie is currently the national security adviser of Gambian president Adama Barrow and the focal person for country’s security sector reform.

Abdoulie J. Darboe, one of the soldiers arrested with close to two dozen soldiers who were later executed, became the third person to mention the names of the two army chiefs as present at November 11 execution grounds.

The seventh Commission witness who came on condition of anonymity said both Momodou Badgie and Babucarr Jatta were present at the killings.

Sait Darboe, another witness, reiterated the anonymous witness and again Abdoulie Darboe also repeated it today. However, all the three witnesses mention the two at various points. Abdoulie said he saw Badgie and Jatta on November 11 at Fajara Barracks where three soldiers were killed in an execution style.

Sait said he saw Badgie and Jatta at Yundum Barracks but they later went to witness the execution of the soldiers at the Lance Coporal Lamin Bojang Firing Range.

But the anonymous witness said he said the two at the Yundum Barracks where some soldiers were also executed.

Though Jatta has never publicly commented on the issue since his name was mentioned at the Commission but Badgie said he was not there.

According to several witnesses before the Commission, on November 11 the junta members arrested several soldiers believed to have staged a coup and killed them.

Witnesses said a coup was planned because of disappointments in the army as a result of what soldiers thought was a betrayal of the agenda of the coup by the junta.

Abdoulie Darboe said the two popular leaders of the coup, Abdoulie Faal also known as Dot and Basiru Barrow were shot at their forehead by Alagie Kanyi.

Darboe said the soldiers were tortured before they were killed. He said Dot Faal’s left jaw was broken as a result of torture.

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