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Third Coronavirus Wave: Gambians Asked To Heed To Regulations Or Risk Paying D1000 Fine

Ebrima G Sankareh
Government Spokesman
By Buba Gagigo
The Gambia Government has asked Gambians to heed to the country’s Covid-19 regulations effective 17th July 2021 or risk paying D1000 fine.
The latest announcement came after the 3rd COVID-19 wave hid The Gambia.
“All persons in public places shall wear face masks at all times. By this order, a “public place” includes any road, highway or premises that the public is permitted to access.
“All drivers of motor vehicles and operators of ferries, boats or vessels shall ensure that all passengers wear face masks before boarding their vehicles, ferries, boats or vessels.  All person intending to travel across The River Gambia and other navigable water bodies must wear facemasks from the crossing points onwards.

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