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GFA: Government Covid-19 Enforcement Order, GFA Is Not Impressed.

Hon Bakary B Dabo
GFA Party Leader

They are at it again. After conducting a round the country tour in politically motivated foundation laying ceremonies, and thereby contributing to the upsurge in the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the government, through it’s spokesperson is reminding people of the much criticized, and later forgotten Public Health Order act invoked by the Minister of Health almost 6 months ago in the fight against COVID-19.
That our subregion has been in the grip of a COVID-19 third wave upsurge since mid June has been obvious to all concerned observers. A fact alluded to by the GFA party leader at a press conference held on the 8/7/21. The government chooses to ignore that fact whilst it conducts it’s propaganda exercise. Clearly this is not the way to run the affairs of our state, and we are not impressed. It is taking a risk with people’s lives, which the government is duty bound to protect. We have always maintained that the government has no credible coherent policy in the fight against this deadly disease.
In solidarity with the Gambian public, GFA is affirming it’s position that the COVID-19 pandemic is real, it is serious, it is present in our communities, and everyone should take all necessary precautions to protect themselves, their families, and the public at large.

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